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Limited Edition Peach Moonshine

To commemorate our 3rd birthday, Loggerhead Distillery is releasing a small batch of sweet, delicious Peach Moonshine! Come visit us Saturday June 3rd 2:00-9:00 and Sunday June 4th 12:00-5:00 for this limited release, a specialty cocktail, discounts, and a free commemorative etched shot glass with every bottle purchase while supplies last!

We are also mid-production of our Florida Black Rye Whiskey. Release is quite a while away, but we're excited to be putting it in the barrels!

Craft Spirits

Hand-Made in Small Batches

Loggerhead Vodka

One word: smooth. OK, two: smooth smooth. Loggerhead Vodka is a tasty 7x distilled grain-based staple for so many cocktails, you must add it to your liquor cabinet (or your desk drawer, if you're naughty).

What grain, you ask? Good old non-GMO 'merican corn!

By the way, did we mention it's smooth?

80 Proof. 7x distilled. 750 ml.

Loggerhead Sweet Tea Vodka

Starting with our ultra-smooth Loggerhead Vodka, we steep real tea, lemon, and local orange blossom honey to give a kick to traditional southern sweet tea.

Come see what everyone is talking about. Try it simply with lemonade and prepare to be amazed. Amazed, I tell you.

70 Proof. 7x distilled. 750 ml.

Loggerhead Blonde Rum

Crafted from four simple ingredients: Florida molasses, water, yeast, and love. Loggerhead Jamaican-style Blonde Rum is light in color and rich in taste.

Drink neat or mix into your favorite rum cocktail to see the delicious difference small batch distillation can make from mass produced rums.

80 Proof. 750 ml.

Florida Lightning

Florida Lightning is Loggerhead Distillery's unflavored 100-proof moonshine.

This unaged corn whiskey has a subtle cereal taste on the palate, with an ever-so-slight sweetness. Some have mentioned kettle corn, but we just say it's more versatile than you'd think.

Moonshine -- it's not just for breakfast anymore!

100 Proof. 750 ml.

Loggerhead Apple Pie Moonshine

SOLD OUT (BACK SOON!) The favorite of high-country folk comes down to Florida. Made with corn 'shine, real cider, cinnamon, and clove, our Apple Pie Moonshine has variously been called "Christmas in a bottle", "the best I've ever tasted", and "I can't wait to use this to brine my Thanksgiving turkey...and myself". It's also surprisingly versatile in any cocktail you want to add a bite of juicy apple.

Come taste what the fuss is about.

60 Proof. 750 ml.

Loggerhead Watermelon Moonshine

Not overly sweet, our Watermelon Moonshine is juicy summer watermelon in a bottle. Use as an upgrade to vodka in a cocktail when you’re looking for a nice addition of watermelon flavor.

You don't even have to worry about seeds!

70 Proof. 750 ml.

Loggerhead Bourbon

Bourbon is an American favorite, and who are we to deny the people?

Made from corn, barley and wheat, our bourbon is then aged in a new, charred oak barrel to bring out notes of vanilla, toffee, toasted marshmallow, and buttery caramel. The best way to drink bourbon? However you like!

80 Proof. 750 ml.

Loggerhead Key Lime Gin

We admit, Gin is an acquired taste. So acquire this one.

Loggerhead Gin is crafted with 11 real botanicals including juniper (a contractual obligation to call it gin), but then we put a Florida twist on it – Key lime, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and a few others we’ll keep secret are infused to give it a taste like no other.

80 Proof. 750 ml.

Loggerhead Single Malt Whiskey

SOLD OUT (BACK SOON!) Don't confuse our single malt whiskey with that other kind. What other kind? The kind some people think tastes like a Band-Aid factory on fire. Ours is a buttery smooth, caramel apple dram of deliciousness, lovingly crafted from malted barley, aged in new American oak, and finished in apple brandy casks.

80 Proof. 375 ml.

Loggerhead Distillery

Florida Raised and Distilled

Being Florida-raised means something. To us, it means a love of the ocean, a love of the outdoors, a love of community. As two engineers, we found we had a fascination with the art and science of distillation, so when we had a dream of starting a local craft distillery, we knew we wanted to incorporate the essence of Florida into our products -- sugar cane, citrus, grains, and botanicals to bring you the finest, smoothest spirits possible.

We decided to name our distillery Loggerhead after the magnificent but threatened species of sea turtle that finds its nesting ground on our Florida shores. We are currently giving back a portion of bottle sales to non-profit partners that have programs for ocean protection and cleanup. Please enjoy our products responsibly, and please recycle.

Visit us at 124 W. 2nd Street in Sanford, Florida, or shop online at shop.loggerheaddistillery.com!

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